Valldemossa is one of the most beautiful gems of the island of Mallorca. As we’re approaching towards the city through the mountains of Serra de Llevant the quiet, peaceful and romantic spirit, a bit separated from the bustling coast, already touches us.

We can catch a glimpse of the most beautiful panorama of the city from the north. It’s worth leaving the car in a designated parking area and tour the small town on foot. As far as the eye can see beautiful blooming gardens, stone houses parading on stony terraces, the parish church and the Carthusian monastery which rises above the town. Valdemossa is a special charming small town, which by narrow little streets covered with stone, and by the spirit of timeless peace, tempts us for a roam, among the old stone houses and the flowery windows. This spirit attracts not only tourists, but also several artists found a new home here.

The most important attraction of the town, is the Carthusian monastery rising above the town, where also the famous composer, Frederic Chopen, and his lover, George Sand stayed at in 1838, and which Sand later writes about in his book, entitled “A Winter in Mallorca”, and Chopin composed the Raindrop prelude here. We can take a walk in the romantic narrow little streets, or we can consume the local specialties in more and more better restaurants. Out of these, Costa Nord de Valldemossa is to be highlighted, where the restaurant owner is Michael Douglas. The specialty food of Valdemossa is the Cocas de patata, namely the potato fritters, which is mostly available only in this town. The local treasure is almond, they’re producing it with pleasure and we can get flour, pastry and also liqueur made from it in the market, at an affordable price. While walking about in the little town, we can also discover several shops selling handcrafted products, and galleries.

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