Need to know about Mallorca

Brief information about Mallorca

Mallorca is without a doubt a dream place to visit with beautiful sunny beaches and a perfect blue sea. This Spanish pearl of the Mediterranean is the largest of the Balearic Islands. A unique paradise where the traveller who comes for the first time will fall in love with it and surely will ever want to come back for another visit.

Mallorca is the largest and most popular island of the Balearic archipelago next to Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera, it’s the gem of the Mediterranean Sea. Crystal clear turquoise blue sea, bays with snow-white sand, picturesque villages, monasteries and throbbing nightlife awaits year by year the lovers of sunshine and water sports. This is the place whose diversity captivates everyone. The island, in addition to the beauties of nature, is also extremely rich in cultural monuments, and the special flavors of Spanish gastronomy also make the memories of the wonderful holiday spent here unforgettable as well. The Balearic-islands is one of 17 autonomous communities of Spain. The size of the island is 3684 km², which is surrounded by a 554 km long coastline, where also the slowly deepening sandy coasts, and the steep rocky coast sections get along well too. Its highest point is the 1445 m high Puig Major. The population of the island is 790 thousand, approximately the half of which is living in the capital of the island - Palma de Mallorca. The official language is Catalan and Spanish. The locals are speaking a variant of the Catalan language, the Mallorcan Spanish, the so called Mallorquin. The official currency is Euro, it is the accepted currency, its small change is the cent, ATM’s are available at a lot of places, all major credit cards are accepted. The island of Mallorca can be the ideal location of a spring outing or a summer vacation. More than 10 million tourists arrive in the island per year, which cannot be by accident. The island of Mallorca is inhabited since thousands of years. The first external influence that has left significant impressions on the island’s life, which was quiet and uneventful for a long time, was made by the Carthaginians, and then by the Romans who defeated them. After the fall of the Roman Empire the island came under Moorish rule, later it became an independent kingdom, and it has also belonged under the authority of the Kingdom of Aragon as well. Since the beginning of the 18th century it’s the part of Spain. The island’s modern development began in the 1960s, and with the opening of the international airport, it became quite popular among the tourists as well.

Since centuries, it is the favored holiday resort of celebrities, once Habsburg archdukes, queen Sissi, poet Robert Graves, Chopin, or in our days, kings and movie stars belong to the regular visitors. The picturesque villages, the old monasteries, the romantic squares in the old city of Palma, all of these are waiting to be discovered. In the northern part of the island dramatically steep cliffs lie, and on its southern coast, beaches with fine sand are lying, stretching out several kilometers in length, around them is the infinite blue sea. As regards its climate it is typically Mediterranean, in the summer, hot and dry weather characterizes it, which is replaced by cool and rainy climate in the winter. The climate is great, the sun shines 300 days per year, the sea water can be 25 C degrees even. The temperature of the air during the summer months is 28–34 degrees, though, it could happen, that during the day it’s even hotter than this. You want to spend your holiday on the island from May to October. For young people, and for those, who want bustling, rather the period lasting from June to August is recommended. Apart from the main season (May, September and October) life is not so great, around this time Mallorca is rather for the fans of a quieter vacationing and excursions.