Ca’n Picafort

Ca’n Picafort

Ca’n Picafort is a much liked resort, whose long, sandy beach reaches as far as Puerto Alcudia, the pinea pine forests in the background create an idyllic atmosphere. In the former fishing village restaurants, cafés and shops await vacationers. We can choose from the color pallet of entertainment options every night. Ca’n Picafort is close by to the extraordinary old city of Alcúdia also.

Ca’n Picafort is the part on the island which is more remote from the airport, but it’s easily accessible by a rented car, and far from the tourist centers we can glance into the lives of locals, and we can also taste the Majorcan specialties in the small restaurants.

Mallorca awaits those, with wonderful, slowly deepening, pure, sandy beaches, beautiful natural treasures, numerous entertainment options and attractions, who visit here! Mallorca is much more, than just a holiday island: in addition to the sunshine and the beautiful beaches, it has uncountable program, excursion, and entertainment options, numerous wonderful attractions, and natural beauties in store.

The wonderful beaches of Mallorca belong to the most popular ones among the travelers, and this is not by accident, for beautiful crystal clear water, sandy beach and wonderful, rocky, mountainous landscape awaits those who visit the island.

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